Technology Hub Vienna e.V.

We are a community of students and technology enthusiasts in Vienna, dedicated to exchanging ideas and working on innovative technical projects together. Our project wiki and regular meetings, workshops, and other events provide opportunities for members to learn from and support each other in implementing these projects.

Whether you already have an idea or are looking to start a new project, we welcome you to join us and be a part of our community. Check out our projects and posts to see what we’ve been working on and how you can get involved.

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Hi, it´s Martin!

Hello there, it´s me, Martin. I am a cofunder and infastructure administrator of Technologiehub Wien. I am currentily building the infrastructure for our members. See you later, Martin

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Hi, it’s Jakob!

Hey there! My name is Jakob and I’m a co-founder of this community of students and tech enthusiasts – the Technology Hub Vienna. My main project is Roboost, an autonomous...

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Hi, it’s Alex!

I’m studying computer engineering at TU Vienna. My main goal is finishing my studies, however, in the near future, I would like to tackle projects regarding computer games, microcontrollers and...

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Hi, it’s Nico!

I am currently studying as software engineer at the technical university of vienna. I have a passion for design, thus my projects tend to lean towards simplification and give users...

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Hi, it’s Paul!

I am currently studying at FH Salzburg in the department for Creative Technologies. As I already have a background in Media Design my main goal now is to specialize in...

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Hi, it’s Alex++!

Interested in all sorts of low level coding, currently working on some offensive tooling. Also a cyber security enthusiast.

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