Here you can get to know the members of the Technologie Hub Wien! Learn about their experiences and projects and ask specific questions regarding their key field of knowledge.

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Hi, it’s Paul!

I am currently studying at FH Salzburg in the department for Creative Technologies. As I already have a background in Media Design my main goal now is to specialize in programming websites and native mobile applications. In my free time, which i do not have at all, I like to do some artsy stuff 😉

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Hi, it’s Nico!

I am currently studying as software engineer at the technical university of vienna. I have a passion for design, thus my projects tend to lean towards simplification and give users and developers a more enjoyable experience.

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Hi, it’s Alex!

I’m studying computer engineering at TU Vienna. My main goal is finishing my studies, however, in the near future, I would like to tackle projects regarding computer games, microcontrollers and AI.  If you are interested in doing projects together, feel free to reach out 😀

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Hi, it’s Jakob!

Hey there! My name is Jakob and I’m a co-founder of this community of students and tech enthusiasts – the Technology Hub Vienna. My main project is Roboost, an autonomous mobile robot. While working on this project, I had the opportunity to learn about PCB design, electrical engineering, CAD, AI, programming, and different manufacturing techniques.

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