Shotland Modular v1 [FAIL]

This Project post is a bit different from the other ones, it is about a project that I spent a lot of time on which ultimately failed. I think it is important to talk openly about failures since we can´t let ourselves be brought down by them. I, for example, learned a lot along the way.

After the great successes of Shotland v1 and Shotland v2, I wanted to make an even better version. I have played for a long time with the idea of a modular design, being able to swap parts in and out, better serviceability, and the potential for expansion modules where and still are the key benefits to a modular approach.

Sadly, I didn´t leave enough space for the needed electronics which I only realized once I had everything printed out.

Nevertheless, I soldiered on and now I am working on a new version Shotland v3 which, while not being very modular still profits from all the things I´ve learned in this project.

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