Shotland v3

Shotland v3 is the successor to Shotland v2 which is the successor to Shotland v1 with 12 pumps and a new design.

If you are interested in the technical details have a look at the wiki posts: Shotland v3 Technical Overview


This iteration adds more pumps and has a new design.


Again, the entire chassis is built to fit onto the 180mm x 180mm x 180mm Print-area of my Prusa Mini+. This time I started with the maximal cube and, without any importance on aesthetics made it as practical as I could. I thought: Good and practical engineering is beautiful in itself. By putting the pumps all over the outside I could be able to attach up to 36. I decided on 12. After playing around with the positioning I found a configuration I liked. It reminded me of an owl, that’s why I added a way to attach a beak (or nose) to the main body. Maybe I will print different noses or mustaches for different occasions.


Technical changes

I still had a Raspberry Pi Zero W 1.4 laying around so I decided to use that, again. For better serviceability, I decided on putting all the electronics in the lid, which was going to be able to open up. Also, by opening up, the lid one can access the funnel for cleaning purposes.

Right around that time a new feature, called Tree Support appeared in the alpha versions of PrusaSlicer. I took advantage of this opportunity to experiment with it on this project. However, implementing tree support on the main body was quite difficult as it consistently generated support structures outside the printbed. Additionally, because I used PETG, the support structures proved challenging to remove. As a result, I decided to keep the support on the bottom, which ultimately resulted in my Robot having a stylish beard.

After the flimsy Approach of Shotland Modular v1 I wanted to make everything more stable and rigid. That’s why the stand is as massive as it is. On Shotland v2 It was always a pain to put the Main body on the stand, it almost always required two people.


Alltogether I am very happy with the result and I look forward to using it at upcoming Partys and Events.

PS: I published the current version of the WebApp for you to try out on If you are interested in the details, let me know in the comments then I´ll write an article about that.

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Stephan Kitzler-Walli
Stephan Kitzler-Walli
10 months ago

Dear MPP, I met you at the last maker fair in vienna and was able to test your shotland creation first hand. I’d love to create one myself and would like to know if you would share the STLs and the code for the app.
I’d like to build it as some kind of summer project and would love to create a larger version of it (Cobra Max). Let me know if you’re willing to share.


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