Pi – Hole


Pi-Hole is a free DNS blocker that can be used to block the IP Addresses of Ads, Tracker, Telenometrie and more.

This results in a improved browsing experience, more safety and more privacy.

1) Prerequisites

2) Installation

3) Configuration

1) Prerequisites:

– Hardware

You need some thing to run pi-hole on.

Whether that is a pc, server, or dedicated system like a raspberry pi is up to preference.

I chose the classic route with a Raspberry model 1 B 

– OS

Pi-hole does not run on Windows or IOS 

Because i am using a Pi, my choice is Raspberry Pi OS.

Generally it is recommended to use a more light weight OS, but any of the Supported ones works fine.

2) Installation

This is the easiest part because it only requires the following command:

curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | bash

You may need to run the command with sudo.

After running the command your device will download and install pi-hole.

Now you have the option to configure. e.g. DNS provider, static ip, query log.

you can chose the recommended option for all of them, the only one you need to be wary of is static IP, which needs to be enabled.

Once that is done you will see a URL and a password.

3) Configuration

Type into the command line: pihole updategravity

This will load the IP addresses from the lists you provide (a default list is provided, for expansion visit part 2)

The duration may vary depending on the raspberry model and number of lists.

To access the Interface:

From any device (pc, laptop, tablet) you can now open a browser type in the IP and log in with “Admin” & the password

Make sure the device is in the same network as your pi-hole device (don’t use a mobile hotspot).

You may encounter a unsave site warning. If you are sure its the right IP address, you can ignore it and proceed.

(The Interface will be covered in depth in a future post)

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