3D-Printing with special curves [mini-project]

Have you ever needed to make a 3D-Print with some weird, real world dimensions?

Here is how I tackeled the problem in a project where I wanted to add buttons to my bed without drilling into and ruining old craftsmanship.

1. Photo

When taking a photo keep in mind that the lense of your camera and digital processing might distort the image, so take a few pictures from different distances and make sure that the object is centered.

My picture:

2. Fusion360

In Fusion360 I imported the photo and sketched out the curve:

I then made an object and scaled it up with simple math.

3. Checking in 2D

Before printing a prototype in 3D, I first printed one in 2D. For that, I exported a drawing, printed and cut it out to see if my curve fit in real life. Make sure to select the scale 1:1.

With this method, I was able to do very rapid prototyping.


Sadly, the bed has very complicated geometry at the back that I was not able to design with. I´m going to try to just tape my bit to the back since it is not visible.

Future Work

I might try to scan the back of the bed with an IPhone that has a Lidar-Sensor on it and try to make a new model with its help.

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