This project is about streaming with “Moonlight”

In this context streaming doesnt mean just watching whats on your homescreen.

It means remote controlling your pc with low latency and good enough resolution/refresh-rate to even allow for remote play.

A bit of backstory:

Nvidia developed a protocol to stream gameplay from an RTX GPU to a shieldTV (nvidias discontinued tv line).

This protocol was called “GameStream” and was originaly exclusive for nvidia GPUs.

“Moonlight” (client) is the open source program based on this protocol to allow for streaming to any device (not only shieldtv).

It support not only RTX and Radeon but also integrated Intel or Ryzen graphics.

The requirements for this task are:

  • host device with a graphics card you want to run the game on
  • client device you want to stream to (laptop, phone, smartfridge)
  • “Moonlight” for the client 
  • “GeForce-Experience”  or  “Sunshine” (for non windows) for the host

1) Setup

On the host pc, visit, go to the host tab and choose between “GeForce” and “Sunshine” 

Start “GeForce” and navigate to the Shield tab.

Start “Sunshine” from the command line simply by typing in “Sunshine”.

On the client device, visit, go to the client tab and choose your device.

It will take you to the appropriate place for your “Moonlight” download.

Download it and start the program.


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