Roboexotica 2023

Roboexotica, an annual festival for cocktail-making robots, is a convergence of technology, creativity, and mixology. It offers a platform for inventors and enthusiasts to showcase their innovative cocktail robots, blending the art of mixology with the intricacies of robotics and automation. Originating in Vienna, the event has expanded globally, including smaller shows in San Francisco. The festival highlights the unique intersection of art and technology in a social setting, making it a must-visit for technology and cocktail aficionados alike.

Participating in Roboexotica with my Cocktail Robot Shotland v3 was an incredibel experience. It was inspiring to be among so many talented creators. My robot, designed with a passion for both technology and mixology, attracted attention with its specialty drinks, the most popular being Apfelstrudel and Halloween Bomb. Their popularity among the attendees was a pleasant surprise, offering a glimpse into the potential of combining traditional cocktail flavors with innovative robotic technology. This event was a valuable opportunity to learn, share, and appreciate the creative intersection of robotics and mixology.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to @serafadam for capturing the essence of the event with his fantastic photography, and to @jakob and @verena for their invaluable assistance at my booth. Their support played a crucial role in the success of Shotland v3 at Roboexotica, and I am truly grateful for their contribution to this memorable experience.

Where to find Roboexotica online:

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3 months ago

my pleasure 🙂