GPU Holder for RTX 4070 [mini-project]

Since GPUs do not appear to get smaller and the mighty PCI Connectors were never designed to support a heavy chunker like the 30 and 40-series of Nvidia GPUs it might be a good idea to think about securing that massive GPU. Especially, when transporting the PC you should secure the GPU in the case with additional support or take it out and transport it separately.

This article from shows what can happen to the PCI Connector on your motherboard when too much force is exerted on it: Graphics Card Sag: A Solvable Problem?

With the help of @jakob we quickly designed a GPU Holder for my Case (Corsair Carbide 275r) and after a bit of prototyping we had a working model:

I uploaded the designs on Printables if you want do download them for yourselves:

If you are further interested or have any quesions feel free to write a comment!

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11 months ago

a heavy chunker

xDD Nice