Shotland v2

Shotland v2 is the successor to Shotland v1 with 2 more pumps and a better design.


This iteration makes full use of every component. For example, by using 8 pumps the Relayboard is fully utilized.


The entire chassis is built to fit onto the small Print-area of my Prusa Mini+. The main housing consists of two parts and a stand. Each of those two parts measures 180×180 mm which is also the maximal print size of my 3D-Printer. Both parts slot together and hold together by friction.

Render of the G-Code file for the main part:

Render of the G-Code file for the second part:

Render of the G-Code file for the short stand:

Sadly, I was quite impatient and did not spend enough time on perfecting the G-Code files and calibrating the printer. Thats why, when you look closely, there are some defects on the prints.

Also, I took apart Shotland v1 to build Shotland v2.


It turned out, that the addition of 2 pumps made a huge difference in capability. The robot is now able to make much more drinks than before. I am quite happy with the result and Shotland v2 has survived and enriched many Partys.


Nonetheless, I am currently working on Shotland v3. My vision is a modular design that makes building, transporting, cleaning, and expanding easier. I designed and printed a new, modular version but it had some inherent flaws, for example not leaving enough space for the components.

PS: I published the current version of the WebApp for you to try out on If you are interested in the details, let me know in the comments then I´ll write an article about that.

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