Donation Box [mini-project]

Made by @martin and @jakob


A Donation Box that plays silly souds when donations are made.

What we used:

We used @martins Prusa Mini to print a crude box that holds the donations and a fitting lid with cutouts and room for the ToF sensor. Afterward, an acrylic plate has been cut using @jakobs diy cnc. Below you can see it put together:

The VL6180 can detect which hole is used and send a specific command to the Raspberry Pi to play different sounds.

The printable files are uploaded on printables:

The code is published in our wiki:


The box was successfully tested at Makerfaire 2023

The quick realisation of this project shows the potential of Technologiehub, when a couple motivated people from different fields work together against a common goal and make a cool, working project within a couple of hours.

If you have further questions and comments, feel free to write a comment!

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